Respond to COVID-19

EaseUS Backup For Your Data Security

The pandemic poses heightened data security and privacy risks for individuals and businesses. How to manage data security becomes a big concern. EaseUS backup provides suitable data protection practices to keep your data safe and maintain business to continue to run.

Data Security Challenges

In the wake of the global pandemic, the number of potential data threats and data losses has increased worldwide. The shift of workplaces and environments presents new challenges to data security. Often that means sensitive data is vulnerable to an attack arising from the surge in remote work.

  • 46%

    of users lost data each year

  • 42%

    of businesses suffered data loss

  • $250,000

    the average hourly cost of downtime

  • 40%

    increased attacks

  • 108 Million

    malware attacks each month

  • 17 Million

    ransomware attempts

  • 570 Thousand

    scams each month

  • 37%

    insecure public and home networks

  • Fivefold

    increase in cyber attacks

How to Keep Data Safety

Being aware of those risks, anxious about your data, and afraid of being a target? To manage data safety and privacy concerns in the midst of COVID-19, here are EaseUS guidance on how to respond rapidly to ensure your data, systems, and apps are protected with essential backup solutions. Have a backup, never fear losing data.

  • For Individuals
  • For Businesses
  • For Service Providers

For Individuals

  • Simplify your backup and recovery.
  • Schedule backups from any point in time.
  • Test your backups with data that are not confidential.
  • Store copies of data to different locations.

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You can’t afford data loss and disaster right now. Take a look at backup policies. EaseUS Todo Backup makes your data security a priority, covering all backup functions to help you manage through the difficult time.

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