Why partition your hard drive?

Here are some good reasons. Computers access your well-organized data on partitions faster than having everything in one large drive.

Organize files easier

Partition a large hard drive, and categorize piles of files into different partitions. Add more dividers between data types.

Increase disk performance

Reduce the minimum sector size and speed up the disk reading and writing.

Protect data

Creating a separate partition for your system files, and protect system data from corruption.

Backup simply

Back up the entire partition with its data, and make your backup scheme much simpler instead of having to choose individual folders.

Support multi systems

Install another operating system on a new partition without touching your existing Windows system.

Multi-platform use

Split your hard drive into partitions, and work with multiple file systems for Windows and macOS.

EaseUS Partition Tools

This partitioning software comes packed with all of the partitioning features to unlock the full potential of your hard drives, both HDD and SSD.

Create/resize partitions

Divide a new hard drive into partitions, and resize the partitions or dynamic volumes.

Move partitions

Move partitions to a new location, and keep all data intact.

Extend partitions

To solve the low disk space problem, extend partitions especially the system drive to run Windows OS faster.

Merge partitions

Add extra space into one partition or merge adjacent partitions to enlarge the size of partition.

Format partitions

Format the hard drive or partition to check disk errors, and prepare it for reuse.

Align partitions

Realign the 4K sectors on all partitions of SSD, and boost the whole performance.

Split partitions

Split a disk/partition into several partitions, and spread the storage to balance system workloads.

Delete/hide/wipe partitions

Delete useless partitions, and hide or wipe partitions to protect sensitive data.

Check partition

Investigate partition properties for disk errors or other issues on a sected partition.

Clean up disks

Clean up junk files or unneeded large files to free up more storage space.

Change partition label

Rename a select partition or change drive letters as you like.

Partition Converter

  • MBR/GPT disk converter

    Change between MBR disk and GPT disk, or MBR system partition and GPT system drive.

  • FAT32 to NTFS converter

    Convert file system from FAT32/FAT16/FAT12 partition to NTFS.

  • Primary/logical partition converter

    Convert a partition from primary to logical, and vice versa.

  • Dynamic/basic disk converter

    Convert dynamic disk into basic or basic into dynamic without deleting volumes/partitions.

Migrate OS to HDD/SSD

Transfer your operating system, and replace your old HDD with a new SSD? No problem. EaseUS Partition Master makes it in one simple click.

This partition manager can also help you transfer data, Windows operating system and configurations on system boot partitions to a new SSD/HDD without Windows reinstallation. After system transfer is done, you can directly boot up the Windows system from the target disk.

Partition Recall Protection

Automatically restore the partition state to previous if something goes wrong when you are attempting to adjust partitions.

Prevent partition errors when your partition operation is disrupted by a hardware issue or power off.

Create a WinPE Bootable Disk

Create a WinPE bootable disk to rescue Windows system and get it restarted soon as the system fails. With a bootable disk, you're allowed to resize partitions, extend system partitions, rebuild MBR and settle low disk space as usual.

How to Make Disk Management?

This is a simple video tutorial showing you how to partition hard drives.

System Requirement

Operating System
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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    I've yet to find the perfect partitioning program--one that's easy, reliable, versatile, non-destructive (meaning it can resize a partition without erasing it). It is extremely easy.

    - By PCWorld staff

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    EaseUS Partition Master addresses the home users and brings three powerful and precise tools to the table: Partition Manager, Partition Recovery Wizard and Disk & Partition Copy. Read More

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Intel data migration didn't even find the SSD connected via USB to a laptop. This program found it and cloned it with zero problems. Soon as I figure out what I want I'm going to purchase a copy. Job Well Done!

-by Larry Park

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I really appreciate your products. Your software is excellent and I recommend them all. Thanks again and good luck toward.

-by Imad El Osta

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Thank You!!! EaseUS Partition Master Pro was so user-friendly, and I really appreciate your expertise.

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