EaseUS Affiliate Program Terms

This EaseUS Affiliate Program Terms , effective as of the date that you read and accept this agreement to join EaseUS affiliate campaign(s) on the third-party affiliate network, is made by and agreed to between you and EaseUS, with respect to the affiliate partnership and services offered.

EaseUS is willing to authorize you (referenced below as "You" or "Your"), as an individual or other legal entity, to participate in the EaseUS Affiliate Program only on the condition that You accept all of the terms here. By accepting these terms, by engaging in any part of the Program, or by using any of the EaseUS Creatives, you agree to the terms of EaseUS affiliate program. Failure to follow the guidelines contained within terms can result in commission reversal, termination from the Program, and potential legal action from EaseUS.

SECTION 1: Definitions

Unless otherwise defined herein, the following definitions shall apply to the terms of this Agreement:

1.1 “Ad(s)” means advertising content that is disseminated by Affiliate on behalf of EaseUS.

1.2 “Creatives” means content, images, or advertising materials provided by EaseUS for use in any Campaign.

1.3 “Trademarks” means EaseUS’s marks, brands, service marks, names, logos, icons, domains, and any registered assets.

1.4 "EaseUS Affiliate Program," or "Program," is an EaseUS marketing program conducted through an affiliate network partner, which involves participants, like You, posting links that drive traffic to EaseUS, with participants receiving varying commissions based on sales resulting from such links and referrals.

1.5 “Affiliate” or “Affiliates ” means any entity that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with the applicable Party, who promoting EaseUS on its own site(s), or other channals along with links.

1.6 “Tracking link(s” or “Link(s)” means unique URLs - web addresses. The links are used by affiliate marketers to send the customer directly to the EaseUS’s website(s). Once the link is clicked by the customer, it tracks purchases for a period of time, and pays the affiliate a commission for each conversion made.

1.7 “Commission" means the amount payable to the Affiliate for each successful transaction generated through Affiliate's referral as specified in the Affiliate Account. "Commission" means the amount payable to the Affiliate, in accordance with the Compensation Plan, based solely and exclusively on the Group’s data and calculations as specified in the Affiliate Account.

1.8“Laws” means all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including without limitation those relating to online privacy.

SECTION 2: Affiliate's Responsibilities


By participating in the Program, Affiliates agree to all the terms and conditions that the Affiliate’s relationship with EaseUS is non-exclusive.

Affiliates comply with EaseUS’s trademark, copyrighting, and other intellectual property criteria and requirements.

Affiliates comply with all applicable laws and regulations applicable to the activities performed hereunder, specifically including the GDPR and any data protection laws.

Affiliates agree that Affiliates may not distribute, transfer, sublicense, or otherwise use any EaseUS Content in a manner that is not specifically authorized by this Agreement or which is inconsistent with any term of this Agreement or provision of Law.

No reverse engineering. Affiliates are prohibited from making unauthorized modifications, reversing engineer, disassembling, decompiling, or attempting to derive source code of EaseUS products.

No hacking, etc. Affiliates agree not to hack, abuse, adversely interfere with, infect with viruses, worms, or other malicious or destructive code, or use or cause to be used in extraordinary and unreasonable or inappropriate ways or amounts, any resources provided by EaseUS.

No fraud tracking, traffic and referral. Affiliates are not to commit fraud or submit fake transactions.

Anti-Pivacy. Affiliates are not to use adware or malware to promote EaseUS products. The use of parasites is strictly prohibited.

Affiliate acknowledges that EaseUS may amend the terms and conditions including Payout rates, at any time by publishing a new version on the EaseUS affiliate campaigns in the networks or websites. Continued participation in the Program following the effective date of a new version will constitute the Affiliate’s acceptance of the new version, and all amendments to the prior forms of the terms and conditions. If any amendment made by EaseUS is unacceptable, the Affiliate will acknowledge this by exiting the EaseUS Affiliate Program.

That the Affiliate’s participation in the program is at EaseUS's sole discretion. EaseUS may terminate the Affiliate's participation in the Program with fourteen (7) days’ notice, or immediately in the case of a breach of the EaseUS Affiliate Program Terms. EaseUS has the sole right to determine whether or not a breach of terms occurred. Furthermore, the Affiliate agrees that if the Affiliate is terminated from the EaseUS Affiliate Program for any reason, EaseUS bears no responsibility for any loss or damages caused by the Affiliate's termination from the Program.

Specific Terms

Search Campaign

1. Prohibited brand-bidding and TM+ bidding

Affiliate is not allowed to bid on trademarks, brand name, brand keywords, branded product names, or search terms on search engines or other directories or referral services (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing).

2. Protected SEM Bidding Keywords

Affiliates are prohibited from using our branded terms in search marketing campaigns, including any variations or misspellings of “EaseUS” and “easeus.com” or “easeus-software.com”.

3. Prohibited SEM Display URL Content

Affiliate are prohibited from using our branded terms in SEM Display URL Content, including any variations or misspellings of “EaseUS” and “easeus.com” or “easeus-software.com”.

4. Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content

Ad copy must not be deceptive and must accurately reflect current promotions. Affiliates are prohibited from using our branded terms in SEM Ad Copy Content including any variations or misspellings of “EaseUS” and “easeus.com” or “easeus-software.com”.

5. No Direct Linking (Use of Display URL)


1. Prohibited Web Site Domain Keywords

Affiliates are prohibited from using our branded terms in their Web Site Domain Keywords including any variations or misspellings of “EaseUS” and “easeus.com” or “easeus-software.com”.

The use of the EaseUS branded name in display URL is forbidden.

2. Prohibited Web Site URL Keywords

Affiliates are prohibited from using our branded terms in their Web Site URL Keywords including any variations or misspellings of “EaseUS” and “easeus.com” or “easeus-software.com”.

3. Prohibited Web Site Content

Prohibited sites are those with political, violent, hateful language, race, sex, religion, gambling, drug, pornography, or adult content.

Except for the use of the EaseUS Content as specifically authorized herein, affiliates are not allowed to refer to EaseUS in any capacity, orally or in writing, for any purpose, without EaseUS’s prior written consent.

Not to use copycat sites, or use any content or images from any EaseUS websites, except for content and images which have been expressly allowed for use by Affiliate partners.

4. Unacceptable Web Sites

Prohibited sites are those with political, violent, hateful language, race, sex, religion, gambling, drug, pornography, or adult content.

5. Use of Logos and Trademarks in Web Sites

Affiliates can only use logos and images provided in the third-party platform where EaseUS uploads all creatives. Affiliates have no other rights to use EaseUS brand creatives, or other EaseUS intellectual property, in any manner.

6. Affiliates are prohibited from using a website that is confusingly similar to the official EaseUS websites, or which may mislead third parties into thinking the Affiliate is EaseUS or an official partner of EaseUS. This includes, but is not limited to, copying and framing any of the EaseUS web pages, using “EaseUS Store” as the headline on any paid search advertisement, and using colors or online design elements associated with the EaseUS Brand.

7. Not to use sites under construction, sites that show or cause any type of error, doorway pages, sites, or pages with automatic redirects.

Coupon and deal

1. Affiliates can only use coupons, promotional codes and deals that are provided exclusively through the Commission Junction EaseUS Affiliate Program.

2. Affiliates are prohibited from using coupon codes or links to coupons from any other affiliate network when promoting offers from the Commission Junction EaseUS Affiliate Program.

3. Affiliates are not allowed to suggest combining coupon codes in any verbiage on your website.

4. EaseUS reserves the right to withhold Commissions to Affiliates on sales determined by Advertiser in Advertiser's sole discretion to have derived from unauthorized coupons or coupon links.

5. Coupons must be displayed in their entirety with the full offer, valid expiration date, and code. Affiliate’s ad copy cannot contain misspellings, incorrect grammar or false or misleading statements regarding discounts or coupons.

6. Affiliates are prohibited from advertising coupon codes obtained from non-affiliate advertising, customer emails, and paid search campaigns.

7. Affiliates may not be paid commissions for sales generated without a corresponding valid coupon code and tracking link. Valid codes are defined as codes that are made available to the affiliate channel in general, through newsletters or the respective section in your affiliate interface, and directly or privately to affiliates.

8. Coupon codes that are not real, expired, not specific, or are fake offers that do not require a code may not be considered valid codes and affiliates will not be paid commission on these orders.

9. Any EaseUS offers or codes displayed must be currently valid. Any expired offers/codes must be clearly marked. These sites must be in line with all applicable local and international laws and regulations.